Essential Tips To Improve Your Website Design In 2019

When someone opens the website of your business are they impressed and can comprehend what kind of services do you provide? If that is not what your website is doing in 2019 then my friend you need to work on your business website design.

It is 2019, and you don’t want an outdated website. It is about time to have a hard look at the design and other aspects of your website. If you have excellent color scheme-well and good but that is not enough.

You need to figure out the maintenance, responsiveness, mobile aspect, and even the functionality aspect to make it look great. Can’t do this on your own and need professional help? Employ the expert services of website design company in Dubai because they know how to boost your website.

You can also use simple tips and checkpoints to figure out if the website is up to mark or not.

Top 3 checkpoints to improve website design in 2019:

Your website needs to clearly convince your audience and that too in first 5 seconds. If you are not grabbing the attention, then you might have lost some of your potential customers.

It is your digital presence, and you have to pursue your clients in the first few seconds making your way to the top contenders. A website is that one platform which requires continuous attention and constant improvement.

If you are not sure what you can do to improve website design in 2019 then following are some of the top tips to do so.  Shall we begin?

Understand your design:

When I say understand your design, then I am implying that understand what is present in design which is good and what you need to change. Not everything present on your website needs improvement, so you have to have a better understanding.

Check the metrics of the last few months and see the most visited pages. This will give a better understanding of the website.

Social share button:

If you don’t have previously, then you can add this button for better interaction and customer’s reach. Social media is a common platform, so people need to have the opportunity to share the information from your site onto their preferred social media platform.

If you don’t include this button, then you might be missing on great social media traffic so add this to improve the overall design.

Quality images:

When you are providing any product and service, then you need to have quality images. Every image has to be high quality so that audience understands what kind of product or services they will be looking forward to.

Along with quality image you need to make sure that they are relevant and make sense to be on the website.

Wrapping it up!

When you have a website, then you need to keep checking it for improvement. At times during the design process, you need the professional help as being naive to the design process you might end up doing something wrong. At that point, professionals in website design can come handy and make your website up to the mark.

It might seem complicated, but little website improvement can make a big difference.

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Essential Considerations For An Interior Design Company Websites

Interior design itself is a pretty topic to discuss because the purpose is to make things look great in any physical space. So when it comes to businesses dealing with the interior design, then expectations of people are hitting the sky.

Yes! People expect a lot when they explore interior design websites. They are not looking for just a simple website, but they want to have some design drama going on there. 

Website design elements are in number like color, typography, content, and design done to perfection. But it all comes down to the arrangement of all things you have.

If you are in the interior decor industry, then you are aware that designing a room is much easier than coming up with an idea of creating and putting elements on a website. If you are in that scenario, then you need to take help from experts for your professional web design in Dubai because they know how to come up with the best-looking web site design. 

Important things to consider for a remarkably great interior design website:

When you are dealing with the website in this modern world, then you know that your website design has to be mobile-friendly, great looking and user-friendly as well. If you achieve that then you need to add some personalized stuff to make it look creative and according to market demand.

Interior design is not one thing but a number of different things tied together, so you need to careful when creating a site and ensuring that you are not putting redundant information.  When you are designing a website for interior decor business, then it should serve one essential purpose-get the customer in the right mood just by the look of your website. 

Following are some essential characteristics for perfectly looking interior design company website:

Catch the attention:

The website should be clear but should have captivating power. This means if someone explores your site and they see the material, and they should be like “this rug looks great I think I should order it right now.”

Give them the right inspiration and personal touch, so every customer thinks products are for him or her. But be sure that you do not want overload website with a lot of pictures.

About us and contact us:

When you are developing a website, then the first tab should be about your mission, vision, everything about your company. Inform visitors about who you are and why you are the best.

Secondly, you want o give them a way to reach out to you for any questions and queries they might have. This will enhance the authenticity of your website.

Color scheme:

When you are creating an interior design company website, then you have to be smart for the color selection of your website. This is because you will have pictures of the products so the website color should not contradict but result in pleasant contrast.

Avoid using bright, irritating or proactive colors.

Pictures quality:

Your website is going to be your representation so you want to have a product displays which are close to reality so that people can understand if it fits their existing interior.

Avoid using low-quality photographs on your website because it will ruin the whole impression.

Content for Interior Design Website :

Because the interior store is online so you don’t want to give in paragraphs to people for reading. You have to be precise and give them the information they need so that they can buy things in the most comfortable way.

The content should have an understandable font and error-free because you don’t want people to close your website off because of grammar errors.

Parting lines!

When you are trying to develop a great website, then you want to create something which complements your company’s vision and products. But these are some basic tips to nail the website design aspect.

If you are in UAE, then give the hassle of the designing process to professional web designers because their experts have the skills and techniques to design the great website.

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Elearning Website Design – Essential Tips To Create It Effectively

Everybody these days is trying to learn something or the other using free online learning sites. People are more into learning online and thanks to the digital era which has made it possible.

Last few years have been best in the digital revolution, and it provides the platform to learn while being in their cozy spaces and at their home. The learning using online medium is known as e-Learning. We have been linked with mobiles, laptops and other tech devices so why not learn something to enhance the skills using those devices.

For this government and non-government organizations have started several e-learning courses to facilitate young generation to learn in their free time. Most of the educators and planners focus on performing platforms which enhance the user experience. That is when the role of elearning website comes in to play. The website designs have to be enriching and less-troubling for learners to explore the content.

Create Website for Elearning Courses Professionally
Create Website for Elearning

Tips for Creating eLearning Website Design:

Recently there has been a spotlight on designing mobile friendly websites which will enable mobile users to learn and understand.

Website design plays a crucial role in learning experience because if the website is taking too long to respond, have difficult navigation and issues in the content then it will reduce the interest of the users.

If you are thinking to create a website for an e-learning course, then you need to have a responsive website. Struggling to find the right designer for your upcoming course? Then best website design company Dubai is going to be your best fit because they will turn in great looking and responsive website design.

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Following are some rules which you can follow to come up with top-notch elearning website design:

Keep it simple:

When you are designing an e-learning website, then the focus should be on the learning experience. You still can make it good looking but adding too many features or complexity will make it difficult for readers and users to concentrate.

Learners will also be able to explore it easily, and they will be able to scan the relevant information faster. Professional and simple website design will make navigation and responsiveness easy.

Multiple platform-friendly:

When you have a website which the young generation is going to use, then you do have to take into account the number and type of devices they have. When creating an elearning website design you have to make it accessible for a laptop user, desktop, tablet and even the smartphone.

Compatibility with all possible devices is essential, so that brings ease for the users.

Color scheme:

When you are creating a website which provides elearning courses, then you have to understand that color scheme is going to be different than another industry website.

Choose the colors which are subtle in nature and don’t distract the readers.

Detail oriented:

When you are creating an elearning website design, then you need to ensure that different medium of information from video to PowerPoint presentation to word files and other formats are supported.

Pay attention to the drop down menus, graphics, display and even the navigation time. Attention to detail will make the whole website design great looking.

Take Away!

Website design is crucial in many ways but as the methods of learning are rapidly changing and e-learning process is becoming more prevalent.

In that case, having a perfect website is essential and who else can do it better than website design company Dubai. Give your learners top-notch experience with well-development website.

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New Responsive Website Trends In 2019

The technology is rapidly moving, and people are more dependent on online browsing. The number of smartphones has increased, and more people own a smartphone than there were like two years ago.

If you are operating in any part of the world, then people can still access you. Like if your business is established in Dubai, but people can still know your services through your business website. That is how important your business website is. It is your gateway to impress the global community, but your impression won’t last long if the design is not responsive.

According to a survey, approximately 94% of people who are going to visit your website are going to judge it based on responsiveness.

Yes! That is true. Imagine ending up on a website but it is not opening for any reason-what is your reaction? You wouldn’t want to stay there for a long time. You do not want to lose customers just because you do not have effectively put responsive website design.

If you are not sure how to make your website responsive then professional web design Dubai can help you do that.

Website design industry is changing like a boom. There are new ways to approach things and do certain stuff. In other words, the web designs are in a constant state of flux.

However, as the New Year is around the corner, you need to see what is expected to trend. The year 2019 is going to changing the web notion, and there are a lot of things which can become a website trend in the upcoming year.

Responsive Website Trends 2019

Keeping in mind the current protocols here are some of the new responsive website trends 2019 that you should watch out for your business website:


Well- this website trend is booming, and more companies want to have some sort of illustrations for UX design. The illustration gives more opportunity to enhance the overall look of the website because it makes it look appealing.

Also, a brand image can be promoted through this. We all are trying to communicate with a human through our website, so the use of illustration is going to make a huge difference.

In other words, the whole purpose of illustrations is to make it look more creative and quirky.

Customized typography:

With the right selection of typography on your website, you can actually improve the responsiveness and boost the brand identity. The responsiveness is getting a clear understanding of products in few minutes so with bolded and customized typography one can actually communicate.

Also, with customization one can actually check on the responsiveness on the mobile and if it works to give the customers what they need.

Colorful interface:

As there is progress in website designs and options for selection people are now meticulous about colors. People are now looking forward to bright colors and bold designs next year. The color gradient is here to stay and makes the responsiveness of site smooth.

Concluding note!

Trends keep on changing, but some responsive website trends 2019 are here to stay. Trends mentioned in this article come in the latter category.

Remember! You should be giving your users a pleasurable experience so for top-notch professional services of website design company is the best option.

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How To Make An Interactive Website

An interactive website design refers to the inclusion of certain features within your website that allows user engagement and more relevant browsing experience for them.

Why you need interactive website design

  • People spending more time on your site are more likely to buy from yous so it increases revenues
  • Carefully chosen features help generate more views for your page increasing your audience and potential customers
  • According to statistics users usually spend 15 seconds on text-heavy sites, so all your hand types information goes to waste
  • More features and links on your site make it easier for search engines to look for your site

Who can help you out?

Hiring web design experts or companies can help with generation of interactive content on your website. If you want your content to be perfect or close to it, and attract large audiences opt for a web design company in Dubai to do your work for you.

Look for a multinational well-reputed company that offers you comprehensive, all including services, for good packages. For example, some of the companies providing services of website design in Dubai also provide help with the creation of interactive tools for your site.

8 tips to help you make your website interactive:

Following are the some of the points that you should consider for your website design to make it interactive and engaging.

1. Add quizzes

Add brief quizzes to your website. The quizzes should contain a few questions only to maximize the engagement of the audience.

Quizzes that are too long tend to bore audience out. Putting up a quiz alone, however, will have little effect on the viewers. Include incentives, such as gaining knowledge about a city or country or including the respondents in lucky draws.

2. Include user-generated content

One thing that users love more than viewing content over the internet is viewing content that they’ve generated or written. Adding user-generated content to your site is a great way to increase the interactivity of your site.

Using features like comment sections, discussion forums and FAQs not only help viewers interact with one another, it gives them an opportunity to say whatever is on their mind.

3. Add Customer support section

For websites that represent product or service providers, customer support sections not only allow interaction between the parties but they also help with the inquiries that any customers may have relevant to the product/service.

Customer support section makes consumers feel they are being heard, so adding it to a site helps answer their queries and keep them connected to your services and products.

4. Produce Newsletters

Newsletters can help update your audience about something new that’s happening at your end. New product launches, new discounts, sale seasons, almost all information can be specified in a newsletter without worrying about the information being too boring.

The newsletters should contain shareable material so that friends and family, a wider audience has the chance to see it.  Within the newsletter add links to a discussion board to discuss the contents of the newsletter. Not only does it send them back to your site, but it also helps gauge the extent to which your audience is engaged to your content.

5. Update your websites

Users prefer visiting websites that are updated more often. This is generally because many users link updates information with reliability and credibility. Frequent updates do not have to involve thinking on your part. Just ask users what they would like to see on your site, and plan out content according to their requirements.

6. Reward your audience

Allowing users to download free material from your site, or to avail limited time offers on certain items, not only allows the audience to engage but it also helps them spread the word about your generous website.

​7. Integrate Social media profiles

Social media has taken the world by storm. Almost all websites today have links to their social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter which transport the audience to the other pages for the organisation. Not only does it allow audiences to engage with you but it also helps increase traffic to your website and other social media pages.

8. User Feedback

As in all spheres of products and service providers, feedback is an essential way to learn what your customers or viewers think about your product or service any improvements that are needed. Not only do they provide honest feedback about their products and services, but it also helps engage the audience.


When it comes to working to achieve the best results, you need the best content. And for that, you need to hire experts! Due to the growing industrial and commercial bubble in the Gulf, UAE has become an essential name in the field of web solutions too, with numerous companies opting for companies excelling in website design in Dubai and other areas.

A website alone does not do much for your business. The inclusion of content that helps generate views, reposts, shares and a larger audience are all necessary for the website to be “something” over the World Wide Web.


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3 Prominent Reasons To Use WordPress For Web Design

Consider the pervasiveness of technology as tablets, smartphones, Facebook, Google, ecommerce are commonly used by all and sundry. A comparison of the present day life with the past helps us to realize that it is a different world.

In this era of digitalization, a website is the basic requirement of every business. It is because many business people get augmented business leads from active websites. Not only this, it is considered the corporate identity.

However, it is not enough to have a website, but it must be a high-end interface to cater to all requirements of the users. Accordingly to the latest survey, people dislike creepy websites. Approximately 70% of people stated that poor design and slow website are not trustworthy to them.

Content Management System for Elegant websites

Therefore, it is essential to select the appropriate tools and techniques for designing website. The functionality and features primarily depend on the selected technology or framework on which the website is based.

For this, many prominent web design Dubai based companies suggest content management systems for designing and developing different web pages. In this regard, WordPress is a pre-built system for website back-end management. It is an open source which offers easy methods to create; edit and manage multifarious websites.

Owing to this, hundreds of successful businesses in UAE and other parts of the world prefer to get their websites developed on this fantastic platform.

Top Reasons for Using WordPress for Web Design

Let’s consider a few stunning reasons for selecting WordPress platform for website:

Responsive Design Themes

You have seen many websites which offer standardized or non-standardized layouts powered by WordPress. There are thousands of highly responsive design themes are available to meet the requirements of every business type. From simple, clean themes to interactive web canvases, there are plenty of choices to amaze you.

Further, you can select a free theme and get your website redesigned from web designers or can buy a ready made theme from theme stores. Everything is there for your ease and interests.

Ready Made Functional Modules – Plugins

WordPress is a simple yet highly efficient content management system. It means that most of the functionality in the platform can be added to a website just by drag and drop processes.

Further, it brings multifarious benefits for the website designers as they can use already developed functions. These are available in free and premium version and known as the plugin.

The important fact to note about plugins is that world’s reputed programmers develop the functional modules. In this way, you can add intelligent functions to your websites to enhance its efficiency.

Search Engine Friendly

Visibility is an essential factor for business success. It is owing to the reason that every business organization maintains a full-fledged department of marketing in order to promote product publically.

Further, websites are listed in search engines depending on their popularity among users. Therefore, SEO is done to ensure that people have a wider awareness of your products and services.

Interestingly, WordPress offers easy ways to integrate all essential elements of SEO. It makes the platform highly attractive for those who aspire to get augmented business leads from the Internet. It is the reason that many web design companies offer integrated SEO packages with CMS websites.

Takes Away

Summing up the discussion, WordPress is no doubt the best choice when it comes to website designing. However, it requires professional expertise to setup complex scripts in a feature-rich development platform.

So, if you are aspiring for a website for your business, the web design professionals in Dubai can assist you in getting a highly responsive and optimized WordPress website.


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Must-Ask Questions Before Starting A Website Designing Project

web designing companies in Dubai

Digitalization has increased the need for the online presence of your business.

Just like you have an interior for your physical store; similarly, you need to design your website carefully. There are so many different ways you can go about it depending on the color, textures and design elements of any website.

It is not an easy thing to design a website because there are so many tiny details which can drive you nuts.

You have to have several meetings with the client to crack the right style which matches with the client requirements.

Starting off with the nerve-wracking process of website designing you might want to start with the necessary background research.

If you are based in Dubai and are looking forward to a new project, then you might want to take assistance from web designing companies in Dubai to get professional advice.

Having an insight of what client wants can give you mind a direction of what to do next.

If you had a meeting with the client in a few hours but got no idea what should you ask? If you said yes to this, then don’t worry; this article has the problem sorted!

Here is a list of questions you can ask your client when you are about to take on the project:

What kind of services your business offer?

Often website designers are not on the same page with the client, so it is essential to ask this question. Knowing about the services of the business will help you incorporate the design in a way that it complements their business goals.

Targeted audience:

Every business has a set target audience, and website designs have to relevant to the targeted audience.

Elements which will vary based on the targeted audience will be the color, style and imagery.

What do you want to achieve from the website?

Clients from Dubai will have different goals for their sites. You need to make sure that you are aware of what they want to put across.

For example, is your website for information purpose or is it for the product or services purpose. You have to build or design the site as per the goal.

There can be main goals, and sideline goals for every website and focus should be on the primary goals. Professionals from web designing companies in Dubai try to achieve both types of goals.

What is the current status of your site?

It is possible that there might be an existing website, so you just need to develop that into something breathtaking.

Ask them about what they like and what they do not like about a project. You can take several clues from this particular question.

What is a must-have feature on your site?

Hands down this are one of the most critical questions. Getting a clear brief from the client will keep you focused.

On this site, you have to see things like whether it will work for mobile or not. Does it need navigation different than regular standard? You just need to crack of what is the essential feature for the client.

Parting note!

No matter if you are a website designer or have a team of professional web designing companies in Dubai you can use these questions to help you design a site in a better way.

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Why Your Business in Dubai Needs A Professional Website Designer?

If you move back to the past two decades, you would not see a lot of tech devices neither you would see a lot of people surrounded by the online world. But the world has changed in these two decades, and even now the 2-year-old child has access to more devices than a lot of adults of the last decade.

Businesses are online more than ever and because of its significance in the design of your business’s website should not be taken lightly. No matter what size the company is, the website has a more significant impact on the customers, and small business owners often overlook the importance of great design.

Benefits of hiring a professional web designer:

To enhance the understanding and reinforce the importance of having a great design this article will discuss some of the benefits of having professionals for designing your website. Being in the city, professional at web design Dubai will be a go-to option for anything related to the design and functionality of your site.

Let’s starts!

More sophisticated website design:

Professionals are called professionals for a reason, and they know how it works in the industry. When you give them a task, they know how to make it look attractive and appealing. They are not going to turn in some template-version of the design instead they will put efforts to bring in their professionalism. The design will not give either a cheap look or an over the top look, but it will be more classic with a sprinkle of modernism.

Customized website design:

When you give the task of designing to a professional, they will try to reflect your company’s mission and personality in their design. The website will belong to you, and you will see the connection because no other business will have the similar design making you stand out.

Experienced in handling the speed:

While building a website, there are several plug-ins and tools need to sort out. When someone with least experience deals with the design, he might not be able to integrate the plug-ins or the tools correctly. This will affect the speed and performance of the website making it the least favorite for the customers.

Save yourself from hassle:

When you design your site or hire a team to do so, then it will cost you a lot of time and money. Still, you will not be sure if you made the right choice or not. But if you have professional web designers, then they will take the hassle and just deliver the work for you. Even if you need any modification to tell them and they will do it for you.

Concluding thoughts:

The way your Dubai-based business is established on the internet is how people know about it. This means you need to have a quality yet sophisticated web design for representing your company. Professionals can handle it better than you can, and this article has mentioned some of the many reasons for outsourcing professional and experienced web design team in Dubai. Make the customer’s experience count with your professional-looking website.


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