Professional Ways to manage multiple WordPress websites at once

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Simultaneously

For e-businesses, one of the best strategies to get more leads is to develop and manage multiple websites simultaneously. It’s because when competition is fierce – one website can’t be enough.

Although, this idea is highly useful (and many companies have implemented it already); but the only downside is managing numerous websites at once is a challenge unless you are a pro.

Why? The reason is the development and management of one website includes: theme and plugin updates, core updates, security monitoring, backup services, SEO audit and the list goes on.

Suppose, you use one hour for developing/managing a site. How many hours will you be spending if you have 10 to 15 web portals to manage? The workload isn’t reasonable for busy company owners.

Therefore, it is essential to take help from professionals. Opt for the best web development services to keep developing and managing multiple web portals for more engagement and leads.

Read on for useful tips to help you manage and maintain your multiple sites simultaneously.

Manage multiple WordPress websites at once

Many UAE companies use the ‘multiple site’ strategy. They keep developing various sites on WordPress to grab customers from different forums. However, the only issue is developing and managing multi- forums successfully is a big challenge. Here is how you can accomplish it.

Use WordPress Multisite

There are two main ways to develop and manage numerous sites: use the WordPress multisite or use multi-site management tools. The first one is an excellent choice if you need to build innumerable sites for one brand.

The reason is a single installation of Multisite allows users to create, develop, and perform different functions for multiple websites altogether. It means instead of spending one hour on developing each site; you can spare one hour for creating and managing different WordPress sites. The best thing is it’s free!

Choose ManageWP

The second useful solution to manage your multi WordPress websites is to use the ManageWP tool. The tool is managing the world-famous Go Daddy Pro, and it’s a popular solution to maintain different websites.

The most useful features of ManageWP are it can manage an unlimited number of sites for you. It helps to scan for errors and ensure the security of your sites. The monthly backup at ManageWP is also free.

Consider CMS Commander

For e-commerce sites and managing numerous blogs at once, CMS Commander is the best solution. Not only you can control all the typical WordPress tasks, but this tool also comes with various marketing integrations and blogs to let developers meet with all the demands of the clients.

CMS Commander is a highly secure tool. It comes with Google Authenticator 2FA and applies SSL for communications. Moreover, updating and monitoring page speed and backlinks is –just one click away if you use this tool.

Bottom Line

If running multiple WordPress websites for your business is a challenge for you, follow the useful tips and tools to develop and manage all your online sites effectively.

For developers, these tools come in handy. But for laypersons and business people, it is advised to choose Spiral Click professional web development services to ensure smooth development and management of all your online portals simultaneously.

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