Make an interactive website with the help of web design company in Dubai

How To Make An Interactive Website

An interactive website design refers to the inclusion of certain features within your website that allows user engagement and more relevant browsing experience for them.

Why you need interactive website design

  • People spending more time on your site are more likely to buy from yous so it increases revenues
  • Carefully chosen features help generate more views for your page increasing your audience and potential customers
  • According to statistics users usually spend 15 seconds on text-heavy sites, so all your hand types information goes to waste
  • More features and links on your site make it easier for search engines to look for your site 

Who can help you out?

Hiring web design experts or companies can help with generation of interactive content on your website. If you want your content to be perfect or close to it, and attract large audiences opt for a web design company in Dubai to do your work for you.

Look for a multinational well-reputed company that offers you comprehensive, all including services, for good packages. For example, some of the companies providing services of website design in Dubai also provide help with the creation of interactive tools for your site.

8 tips to help you make website interactive:

Following are the some of the points that you should consider for your website design to make it interactive and engaging.

1. Add quizzes

Add brief quizzes to your website. The quizzes should contain a few questions only to maximize the engagement of the audience.

Quizzes that are too long tend to bore audience out. Putting up a quiz alone, however, will have little effect on the viewers. Include incentives, such as gaining knowledge about a city or country or including the respondents in lucky draws.

2. Include user-generated content

One thing that users love more than viewing content over the internet is viewing content that they’ve generated or written. Adding user-generated content to your site is a great way to increase the interactivity of your site.

Using features like comment sections, discussion forums and FAQs not only help viewers interact with one another, it gives them an opportunity to say whatever is on their mind.

3. Add Customer support section

For websites that represent product or service providers, customer support sections not only allow interaction between the parties but they also help with the inquiries that any customers may have relevant to the product/service.

Customer support section makes consumers feel they are being heard, so adding it to a site helps answer their queries and keep them connected to your services and products.

4. Produce Newsletters

Newsletters can help update your audience about something new that’s happening at your end. New product launches, new discounts, sale seasons, almost all information can be specified in a newsletter without worrying about the information being too boring.

The newsletters should contain shareable material so that friends and family, a wider audience has the chance to see it.  Within the newsletter add links to a discussion board to discuss the contents of the newsletter. Not only does it send them back to your site, but it also helps gauge the extent to which your audience is engaged to your content.

5. Update your websites

Users prefer visiting websites that are updated more often. This is generally because many users link updates information with reliability and credibility. Frequent updates do not have to involve thinking on your part. Just ask users what they would like to see on your site, and plan out content according to their requirements.

6. Reward your audience

Allowing users to download free material from your site, or to avail limited time offers on certain items, not only allows the audience to engage but it also helps them spread the word about your generous website.

​7. Integrate Social media profiles

Social media has taken the world by storm. Almost all websites today have links to their social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter which transport the audience to the other pages for the organisation. Not only does it allow audiences to engage with you but it also helps increase traffic to your website and other social media pages.

8. User Feedback

As in all spheres of products and service providers, feedback is an essential way to learn what your customers or viewers think about your product or service any improvements that are needed. Not only do they provide honest feedback about their products and services, but it also helps engage the audience.


When it comes to working to achieve the best results, you need the best content. And for that, you need to hire experts! Due to the growing industrial and commercial bubble in the Gulf, UAE has become an essential name in the field of web solutions too, with numerous companies opting for companies excelling in website design.

A website alone does not do much for your business. The inclusion of content that helps generate views, reposts, shares and a larger audience are all necessary for the website to be “something” over the World Wide Web.

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