Must-Ask Questions Before Starting A Website Designing Project

Questions To ask Before Starting A Website Designing Project

Digitization has increased the need for the online presence of your business.

Just like you have an interior for your physical store; similarly, you need to design your website carefully. There are so many different ways you can go about it depending on the color, textures and design elements of any website.

It is not an easy thing to design a website because there are so many tiny details which can drive you nuts.

You have to have several meetings with the client to crack the right style which matches with the client requirements.

Starting off with the nerve-wracking process of website designing you might want to start with the necessary background research.

If you are based in Dubai and are looking forward to a new project, then you might want to take assistance from web designing companies in Dubai to get professional advice.

Having an insight of what client wants can give you mind a direction of what to do next.

If you had a meeting with the client in a few hours but got no idea what should you ask? If you said yes to this, then don’t worry; this article has the problem sorted!

Here is a list of questions you can ask your client when you are about to take on the project:

What kind of services your business offer?

Often website designers are not on the same page with the client, so it is essential to ask this question. Knowing about the services of the business will help you incorporate the design in a way that it complements their business goals.

Targeted audience:

Every business has a set target audience, and website designs have to relevant to the targeted audience.

Elements which will vary based on the targeted audience will be the color, style and imagery.

What do you want to achieve from the website?

Clients from Dubai will have different goals for their sites. You need to make sure that you are aware of what they want to put across.

For example, is your website for information purpose or is it for the product or services purpose. You have to build or design the site as per the goal.

There can be main goals, and sideline goals for every website and focus should be on the primary goals. Professionals from web designing companies in Dubai try to achieve both types of goals.

What is the current status of your site?

It is possible that there might be an existing website, so you just need to develop that into something breathtaking.

Ask them about what they like and what they do not like about a project. You can take several clues from this particular question.

What is a must-have feature on your site?

Hands down this are one of the most critical questions. Getting a clear brief from the client will keep you focused.

On this site, you have to see things like whether it will work for mobile or not. Does it need navigation different than regular standard? You just need to crack of what is the essential feature for the client.

Parting note!

No matter if you are a website designer or have a team of professional web designing companies in Dubai you can use these questions to help you design a site in a better way.

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