SEO And Corporate Identity, You Need A Perfect Blend

SEO and Corporate Identity:

A perfect blend of the two, i.e. search engine optimization (SEO) campaign and maintaining a strong corporate identity will make life easier for business owners to a great extent. Things are not going to be comfortable out there in highly poised and dynamic markets of UAE.

For some entrepreneurs, it may take ages just to make their mark and create a substantial impact while those who are proactive, backed with professional SEO services providers in Dubai and on top of all the latest trends may take just a few months in creating a strong persona.

The impact of elevated confidence from clients:

Client confidence may trigger the sales within no time; a business suffering to create that strong impact may fail to achieve the set targets. This is where things may start going in the blurry zones for one, and soon one as a business owner may find him/herself in the middle of nowhere. The only option available to them may be to see a safe exit just to opt out of the competition without causing further damages to their resources.

Winning the customer confidence can be made easier if one is blessed with an impactful corporate identity in Dubai, the customers will find it easy to rely on the products and services because they will be familiar with the level of competitiveness, perfection and quality that one has maintained throughout the years from the time of his/her business initiation.

Client retention and maintaining quality:

Retaining clients and keeping quality no doubt are core areas, however, to achieve them and stay on top of such areas for good, one as an entrepreneur would need to plan a marketing strategy that focuses on the potential clients, relevant niches and is entirely in line with the nature of business that one may have.

Brand uniqueness:

A unique logo, corporate stationery and careful selection of colours will enable one to come up with a corporate identity that is easy to remember. Copied approaches that are similar to other market players may make things extremely confusing for the returning customers and them as a result may give up their hunt.


To ensure that your blend can be classified as a perfect blend and to milk maximum results out of it, you will need a professional service provider who can cater to all your digital marketing and business identity needs in an elite and stunning passion. This backup from them will bring your products and services closer to the target audience by expanding your reach.


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6 Ecommerce Trends To Watch Out In 2018

With the commencement of 2018, ecommerce ticks another year off its calendar, and with that it bids farewell to the ecommerce trends of last year. In the world of eCommerce website development, the trends change with each tick of the clock. Innovations get patented every minute of the day, and the evolution of web continues.

The constant onslaught of newer updates and trends hitting the market may seem confusing and anxiety provoking but the excitement is justified. The e-commerce sales surpassed a whopping 1.86 trillion US dollars worldwide in 2016, and are expected to cross 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021!

The eCommerce website development in Dubai has reached massive heights regarding tech growth and innovations introduced into everyday life. User expectations have risen to the point where the even general population has their eyes set on tech giants to be aware of ways they can enhance their lives through.

The Future Ecommerce Trends for Website 2018

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, it is even more critical to design and create digital experiences that are seamless, intuitive, engaging, and inspiring.

Keeping that in mind, we have assembled a list of 6 ecommerce trends to watch out for in 2018:

Enhanced User Experience

As stated above, consumers are getting in-line with the endless possibilities technology has to offer to them. The amplified awareness has raised the bar of expectations, having them search for digital experiences that meet those.

Ecommerce Website User Experience

The customers seek a bug-free, neat, and interactive web design that smoothly runs the shopping experience. They expect the website to project sales and offers based on their past preferences and to know their shopping patterns.

Make sure that you have a neat and precise web design, that your sales and refund policies are clearly stated, and that you are suggesting your customers the right products at the right time.

Faster Shipments

Nobody wants to sit near their door for days waiting for their ordered goods to arrive! Work on your shipment process and have it as efficiently in place as possible.

Faster Shipments

Remember that your customer expects their bought products to be shipped the moment they place order confirmation. With this in mind, 2018 is expected to witness a revolution of drone delivery services. First introduced by e-commerce giants Amazon, more companies like DHL and UPS are following suit.

Voicing It

With Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant prevailing everywhere these days, it is only a matter of time before they take over the e-commerce world as well.

Vocie Search

The voice search and checkout feature is actually in testing phases in many e-commerce retailers, and 2018 might be the year when we can finally let our voices command our shopping experiences. The voice-feature is bound to make the user experience more friendly, hassle-free, and convenient.

The World of AI

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly catching momentum and attention of almost all industries. The phenomenon is just as enthralling as it is scary.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in Ecommerce Website Development

By the end of this year, the experts are predicting a demise of customer service departments, and an overpowering rise of chatbots. These AI-powered bots will be able to guide customers throughout their shopping experience, assisting wherever required. The bots will be better able to assess cart abandonment behavior and analyze solutions out of it.

AR Follows Suit

Artificial Intelligence often walks hand in hand with Augmented Reality, and that is what’s expected to happen in the world of e-commerce.

AR in eCommerce

AR will gear towards making interactions faster and more integrative, providing focus on product application and uses. AR will superimpose the image of the product on the image of the area it’s supposed to be placed in. For example, a table that you can virtually move around while looking at your room through your phone’s camera.


Consumers spend more time today on their social media sites than any other. It creates a perfect opportunity for eCommerce retailers to build their presence where it’ll cause the more significant impact.

Ecommerce Product Socialization

Target your audience through algorithms of your consumers’ social media platforms. Build a shopping scenario in an unlikely situation. Showcase your products depending upon the consumer’s preference without them realizing it!

Concluding Remarks

Ecommerce website development has significantly increased momentum and will continue to evolve and gain popularity. It is better to stay in the loop of things and joining the bandwagon. Build an interesting, engaging and user-friendly website that aims towards solving all customer queries automatically. Keep working on enhancing your website design and let it evolve with time!


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How Can You Enhance The Usability Of Your Website

There is a vast repository of websites, and people are developing sites like anything. The tutorial on owning a website or creating a website all over the internet and people are making use of the free-tutorial to build their site.

However, not all the websites end up making the lasting impression. Have you ever thought that why some websites do not make the impact while others do?

Well! The design of the website and the content of the site is offering more than a just plain standard set of information thrown there.


Professional web development companies in Dubai is aiming to enhance the experience of the user and increase the excitement with their expert techniques.

Website usability referred to user-centered design, and in this type, both web design and web development process are focused around the point of view of the user.

If you want to increase the web usability of your website then here are some of the elements which need to be considered while doing so.

Accessibility and Usability of  Website:-

The primary objective of building a site is that other people can easily access your site and it is available to explore. If your website can not reach out to people, then the website is not worth the efforts, and it will be like it does not exist.

Here are few things to consider while ensuring that availability and accessibility.

  • Server Up-time:

This means that if any searches out the website on Google, then the person must not come across any error while loading the site. It is linked to the web- hosting process.

  • Broken Links:

If you are a frequent user of the internet then you must be aware of 404 page. It is an example of a broken link where some of the website pages are dead.

  • Mobile Usage:

One of the perks of the smartphone is that most of the times users can explore a website through their cell which comes in handy. Therefore you need to ensure that your site is capable of working well on mobiles.


Another critical factor which is linked to website usability is the relevancy of the website. It means that the content which is present on the site should be relevant.

For example, if you are visiting a fashion store website, then the content present should be about fashion and the products related to fashion. If the website does not have the relevant content, then it does not serve the purpose. Also, when the site has multiple products, then the search bar should be able to divert to the specific category the user is looking for.

User-friendly web design and development firm offers a range of design which can be interactive and have functionality value as well.


Another element for the website usability of the site is the clarity of the website. The information present on the site should be clear, and the visitor should be able to comprehend it.

It is essential to give the adequate information to the visitor regarding the products and services but just throwing all the information you have is not a wise. The website pages which have too much information distract the visitors, and they will leave dissatisfied.

When someone visits a website, they have a specific goal in their mid which they are seeking on your site. But if the information is not there upfront and your website is not helping them, then they will take no time in diverting back to the Google searchers and explore more sites.

In other words, websites should make the search process or information reach out process easy instead of complicating it even more.

Keeping it simple and clear is the key to a good website.


With the excess of information available on internet credibility of information has become an issue.

No matter how clear and catchy design of your website but if the information is not credible then the whole site worthless.

Let people know about you and have valid contact details. People need to understand that the website or business owners are the real people.

The content present on your site must also be trustworthy and not just random information.

Spiral Click also believe that the right website is essential for the customers to return and it can build the trust and loyalty of the customer.


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