How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Simultaneously

For e-businesses, one of the best strategies to get more leads is to develop and manage multiple websites simultaneously. It’s because when competition is fierce – one website can’t be enough.

Although, this idea is highly useful (and many companies have implemented it already); but the only downside is managing numerous websites at once is a challenge unless you are a pro.

Why? The reason is the development and management of one website includes: theme and plugin updates, core updates, security monitoring, backup services, SEO audit and the list goes on.

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Why Is The Chat Box Essential For Ecommerce Store?

How many times you opened a website and thought to ask a question regarding a product but the lengthy process of sending an email just resulted in closing the tab? It happens because people have got no time to send an email they want instant contact.

In this fast-paced world, you need to respond to the customers within milliseconds, and if you are not doing that, your customers will do. You need to make sure that you are not giving away the customers to your competitors. That is when the role of live chat box strikes in, and if you are in the ecommerce store, then you want to make sure about that you give away to customers for getting in touch with you instantly.

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How Can The Minor SEO Mistakes Ruin Website Ranking?

Search engine optimization is the digital marketing technique through which you can place your website on the top of the search engine such as Google and Bing. The SEO is very beneficial if it is implemented rightly. The traditional SEO techniques are now obsolete and counted as SEO mistakes is current scenarios of digital marketing such as keyword stuffing, buying links etc.

It is the prime responsibility of search engine optimizer to get understanding of Modern SEO techniques instead of moving on a traditional path. For instance, always write valuable content for the reader instead of just getting a back link.

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5 Do’s And Don’ts of Designing Your Homepage

“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS,” says Dr. Christopher Dayagdag. He is a famous technopreneur and Google shareholder. In fact, we all want to create websites that sell or drive more traffic. If you are a web designer, you would know how challenging it is to create a nice and user-friendly website particularly in Dubai where competition is higher than ever!

When it comes to designing a homepage, the competition becomes harder. Did you know designing an ‘attractive’ homepage is more important? All your traffic lands here first. You can consider it as the face of your website. If it is attractive, chances are your visitors will stay on your page. But if it is not nice, then you may lose attention.

So, if you want to design a beautiful, user-friendly homepage design, here are some do’s and don’ts of designing your homepage that you should keep in mind.

Do’s and don’ts of designing your homepage

Before starting your new design, what to create and how to can be a challenge. There are some dos and don’ts that you should know to get a good homepage design. Here is a checklist of most important dos and don’ts of web design:

Do keep the design consistent

A consistent webpage creates a positive impact. Try to bring consistency in the overall look and feel of the website. Make sure the color scheme, navigation, typefaces, fonts and writing style should all be constant.

Keep branding and the layout style consistent. This will have a great impact on the whole website.

Don’t make it too complicated

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

People from all walks of life search for websites. They may or may not be technical (or tech savvy). Making your homepage too technical or complicated can repel them. Impress by keeping simple. Avoid using complicated design elements and complex layouts. And always remember “less is more”.

Do ensure good visual hierarchy

90 percent of visitors scan your website. If the site seems attractive, they try to find out the required information/content. So, make it sure the product/content you are offering is easy to find. Ensure your homepage has all the information in the right order. The most important information should be on top and not-very-important information on the last.

Don’t forget quality content

A website with a beautiful design but no good content will not draw traffic. This will badly impact your business. So, don’t forget to publish high-quality content for your users. Add relevant, precise and easy-to-understand content.

Do check for issues and errors

To err is human. It is no big deal – what matters is not correcting your error or mistake. Imagine a great homepage design, full of errors. It will be a useless effort. Look out for dead links on your page, correct all the website typos and ensure there are no loading issues. You can also look for a professional designing companyand request them to check and remove all the web design errors.

Final Word

Your homepage is the most important page on your site. If it is well-designed, well-published and free of errors and mistakes, it is likely to drive more traffic for you. If you can make it, that’s great – if you can’t then search for the best web designing companies in Dubai to help you accomplish the task. The mentioned dos and don’ts can help you ensure your designed homepage is worth-a-visit.

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Benefits Of Using Long Tail Keywords In SEO Strategy

Over the years staying at the top of search engine results have become an essential priority for any business.

There are different strategies which are used to do that and on the top is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using this method business can stay at the top of the result, and this will increase their business access and customer traffic.

The center to SEO strategy is the keyword usage, and these keywords are devised based on the common search queries. There are two different types of keywords: short-tail and long-tail. Short tail keywords are phrases with just 1 or 2 words. On the other hand, the long tail keywords comprise of 3-4 words and long phrases.

In the past few years, the changes in SEO strategy has led to enhanced importance of long-tail keyword. The long term captures the essence of the query in a better way, and it can actually transform the online business in a much better way.

Not sure how the long-tail keyword will be beneficial in SEO then read this post till the end to get the better insight.

Benefits of long tail keywords:

When you are using different ways in SEO to reach your goal then why not use the elements which will benefit you to achieve that faster. However, you just can’t reach out the objective just by elongating the phrase. You definitely need to have a better idea about SEO and its usage.

There are a number of benefits of using long tail keywords to ensure the better SEO and this article has discussed a few of them.

Less competition:

This is the first one that market has less competition for long-tail keywords. For example, compare the competition of following matches on Google:

  • Web Design– 301,000 searches per month
  • Best web design– 22,200 searches per month
  • Professional web design companies– 720 searches per month

Now you can see that longer the phrase the fewer sites match it. This makes it easy for you to rank and reach the target quickly. 

High conversion rates:

When you have users who are more specific in the search terms, then they are interested in buying the items more. Long-tail keywords are more specific search queries for the customers who are more likely to convert to a customer.

In other words, if you have long-tail keywords, then you will have a high return on investment as compared to short-tail keywords.

Better targeted:

When you have a targeted audience, then general keywords might not grab their attention. Because long-tail keywords are going to be more specific so they will cater to the need of the customers well and you will have the customers who actually are looking for the products and services you are offering.

In other words, you are getting the traffic which is your targeted population.

Finishing remarks:

Keywords are central to SEO strategies because they are going to drive the traffic and match the search queries with your products. Using long tail keywords will definitely be beneficial for driving traffic, and this article has described the top benefits.

Need a specialized strategy for your SEO campaign? Why not take on the professional advice from SEO experts in Dubai– they are the best in town.

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