PrestaShop vs Magento - Select the Best Ecommerce Platform

PrestaShop vs Magento: How To Select The Best Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce is referred to the process of selling and purchasing products online through shopping websites. It has become an integral part of the modern world because people like to have their required products delivered at their homes without going to the stores. The trends in ecommerce have grown beyond imagination as you can buy from printer to paper by the tip of your thumb. It can be said as the miracles of eCommerce!

Many people think that the ecommerce industry born in the late 1990s which is not true. No doubt, the industry flourished rapidly during the mentioned years, but it was established back in the early 1970s. The modern-day online business industry is the production of a gradual evolution of ecommerce.

However, the article is primarily written to help the business people understand the significance and scope of choosing the best ecommerce platform for development.

But, if you don’t have basic knowledge of IT industry and development frameworks, it’s suggested to hire experienced services of ecommerce website solutions Dubai to get everything done optimally to get a professionally designed business website.

Importance of selecting the best ecommerce platform for development

You will surely agree that the sustainability of every building primarily depends on its foundation. The same importance, a website development framework has for the success of corporate websites.

Further, when it comes to a site designed for online shopping, security factors gain un-denying significance. All in all, the selection of appropriate design framework matters a lot.

PrestaShop vs Magento which is best ecommerce platform for development?

A wide variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) are available in the marketplace which offers you the premium services to design and integrate online shopping cart to your website. However, selection of best ecommerce platform and configuration require professional expertise.

Among the available frameworks, Magento and PrestaShop are known to be the most popular choice. Although, Shopify is also a well-known name when it comes to designing online business web portals, but the focus of this article is on firstly mentioned platforms.
Let’s consider it in detail:


Everything in this world comes with a few strengths and weakness. People decide to consider benefits associated with an object and make a strategy to deal with the shortcomings. Magento was created in the year 2001 to incorporate business needs of large-scale companies.
A few prominent features of this CMS are:

  • First and foremost, the CMS is highly flexible which permits the users to perform customization quickly. The content management framework is highly user-friendly.
  • Magento is a responsive online shopping card that offers high-quality user experience on almost all modern devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • The platform is highly efficient for SEO that enables the business companies to ranks their products in higher listings on Google.
  • The capacity to accommodate products listing on a single website is incredibly high because more than 500,000 products can be listed efficiently.
  • Website security is something significant as the platform helps to ensure validation using PCI DATA protocols and CAPTCHA-enabled signing in the facility.


PrestaShop was created in 2005 enabling the new entrants in the business sector to ensure their online presence. It is considered appropriate for relatively smaller businesses. Major features of this CMS are as given below:

This ecommerce platform is incredibly lightweight as it can be hosted in comparatively less hosting space and its loading speed is high.

  • The Admin penal of the platform is extremely intuitive and easy to understand. People with basic knowledge of eCommerce solutions can configure it with some expertise. It is considered suitable for start-up businesses.
  • The functionality of the platform is comparatively less than the Magento but considerably enough to meet business requirements. Functional ability of the PrestaShop can be enhanced using plugins and extensions.
  • The platform is considered efficient because it offers auto-indexation facility already built-in with the system. Interestingly, it is more efficient than the Magento.
  • PrestaShop permits it admin users to change URLs and tags used for the title and ads of the product which is liked by many SEO professionals.

The Overall Picture

Overall, selection of the best platform for ecommerce development for the online shopping cart is a matter of life and death for business organizations. It is owing to the reason that a wrong framework can deteriorate your impression among more than 57% online customers.

While considering Magento, it is imperative to note that it was introduced earlier than PrestaShop, but it has 1500 plugins as compared to 2500 plugins owned by PrestaShop. Further, Magento is more popular on Twitter as compared to the other framework which is famous on Facebook.

Last but not least, Magento is well-known for its robust features of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while PrestaShop is considered suitable for cheaper maintenance cost.

Final Thought

Summing up the discussion, the role of CMS platforms is crucial in generating higher sales through online shopping portals. It is owing to the reason that potential consumers look for the easiest ways to buy products and services online. For this, you must offer them optimal options for searching, selecting, placing order and payment clearance facilities.

However, selection of the best eCommerce platform is not a piece of cake but hopefully, going through the above-given information; you will make a wise decision. Don’t forget to ask from the industry experts and eminent eCommerce designers such as SpiralClick to get first-hand services for your business solutions.

Now! The choice is yours.

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