Elearning Website Design – Essential Tips To Create It Effectively

Everybody these days is trying to learn something or the other using free online learning sites. People are more into learning online and thanks to the digital era which has made it possible.

Last few years have been best in the digital revolution, and it provides the platform to learn while being in their cozy spaces and at their home. The learning using online medium is known as e-Learning. We have been linked with mobiles, laptops and other tech devices so why not learn something to enhance the skills using those devices.

For this government and non-government organizations have started several e-learning courses to facilitate young generation to learn in their free time. Most of the educators and planners focus on performing platforms which enhance the user experience. That is when the role of elearning website comes in to play. The website designs have to be enriching and less-troubling for learners to explore the content.

Create Website for Elearning Courses Professionally
Create Website for Elearning

Tips for Creating eLearning Website Design:

Recently there has been a spotlight on designing mobile friendly websites which will enable mobile users to learn and understand.

Website design plays a crucial role in learning experience because if the website is taking too long to respond, have difficult navigation and issues in the content then it will reduce the interest of the users.

If you are thinking to create a website for an e-learning course, then you need to have a responsive website. Struggling to find the right designer for your upcoming course? Then best website design company Dubai is going to be your best fit because they will turn in great looking and responsive website design.

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Following are some rules which you can follow to come up with top-notch elearning website design:

Keep it simple:

When you are designing an e-learning website, then the focus should be on the learning experience. You still can make it good looking but adding too many features or complexity will make it difficult for readers and users to concentrate.

Learners will also be able to explore it easily, and they will be able to scan the relevant information faster. Professional and simple website design will make navigation and responsiveness easy.

Multiple platform-friendly:

When you have a website which the young generation is going to use, then you do have to take into account the number and type of devices they have. When creating an elearning website design you have to make it accessible for a laptop user, desktop, tablet and even the smartphone.

Compatibility with all possible devices is essential, so that brings ease for the users.

Color scheme:

When you are creating a website which provides elearning courses, then you have to understand that color scheme is going to be different than another industry website.

Choose the colors which are subtle in nature and don’t distract the readers.

Detail oriented:

When you are creating an elearning website design, then you need to ensure that different medium of information from video to PowerPoint presentation to word files and other formats are supported.

Pay attention to the drop down menus, graphics, display and even the navigation time. Attention to detail will make the whole website design great looking.

Take Away!

Website design is crucial in many ways but as the methods of learning are rapidly changing and e-learning process is becoming more prevalent.

In that case, having a perfect website is essential and who else can do it better than website design company Dubai. Give your learners top-notch experience with well-development website.

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Why Your Business Need To Have A Well-Developed Website?

The world of business and marketing is revolving around what people can access on the internet. People are more about online shopping then physically going to some store. Being present online has become a significant part of any business because it can lead to the development of the company.

What is the source of being present in an online community? Well- It apparently is the Website of the business. Enterprises across the globe are putting efforts to bring out the best website which will represent the essence of the company.

The development of the website is essential because the life of a business is based on computers and deep-rooted online networks. Even when businesses have a renowned physical business, still they tend to have a well-established website.

In other words, if you want to set your business in the Dubai market then do not underestimate the power of a well-developed website. Dubai is a competitive industry so you have to make sure that you are sorted from all sorts so that you can reach out to the targeted audience. When it comes to web development for your website in Dubai, then you need to make sure that you have got what is best in town.

Reasons for having a well-developed website:

There are several reasons for which having a proper site can actually result in business growth.

Continuous access to business:

When a company is established then the owner would like to attract the prospective customers all day and night long. But it is not possible for a physical store. People are busy and have a hectic schedule so they cannot visit stores every now and then.

However, you can make this possible by having an online forum for your business. In this way, people can explore your site when they are heading back home after work. Have an active website, and you never know how many people will be interested in the oddest hour.


It is easy for customers to jot down things they would want to buy when they visit your store next time. It will save their time, and they can straightaway purchase the items they have seen online. It will save their time and also give your business an edge so that salespeople do not have to convince them of products.

However, one thing you should not forget is to have a website which is that the site should be easy to navigate and not confusing to customers.

International marketing:

The website is one thing which can be explored and accessed without being geographically bound. This means even when you have business in Dubai it can give your product or service a global coverage. Increasing targeted customers will provide a chance to expand your business into other parts of the world as well.

Final Remarks:

The website is an online version of your business so make sure it is on point. Having a standard website development services in Dubai will bring benefits such as 24/7 access, enhance visibility and international audience.


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How Can You Enhance The Usability Of Your Website

There is a vast repository of websites, and people are developing sites like anything. The tutorial on owning a website or creating a website all over the internet and people are making use of the free-tutorial to build their site.

However, not all the websites end up making the lasting impression. Have you ever thought that why some websites do not make the impact while others do?

Well! The design of the website and the content of the site is offering more than a just plain standard set of information thrown there.


Professional web development companies in Dubai is aiming to enhance the experience of the user and increase the excitement with their expert techniques.

Website usability referred to user-centered design, and in this type, both web design and web development process are focused around the point of view of the user.

If you want to increase the web usability of your website then here are some of the elements which need to be considered while doing so.

Accessibility and Usability of  Website:-

The primary objective of building a site is that other people can easily access your site and it is available to explore. If your website can not reach out to people, then the website is not worth the efforts, and it will be like it does not exist.

Here are few things to consider while ensuring that availability and accessibility.

  • Server Up-time:

This means that if any searches out the website on Google, then the person must not come across any error while loading the site. It is linked to the web- hosting process.

  • Broken Links:

If you are a frequent user of the internet then you must be aware of 404 page. It is an example of a broken link where some of the website pages are dead.

  • Mobile Usage:

One of the perks of the smartphone is that most of the times users can explore a website through their cell which comes in handy. Therefore you need to ensure that your site is capable of working well on mobiles.


Another critical factor which is linked to website usability is the relevancy of the website. It means that the content which is present on the site should be relevant.

For example, if you are visiting a fashion store website, then the content present should be about fashion and the products related to fashion. If the website does not have the relevant content, then it does not serve the purpose. Also, when the site has multiple products, then the search bar should be able to divert to the specific category the user is looking for.

User-friendly web design and development firm offers a range of design which can be interactive and have functionality value as well.


Another element for the website usability of the site is the clarity of the website. The information present on the site should be clear, and the visitor should be able to comprehend it.

It is essential to give the adequate information to the visitor regarding the products and services but just throwing all the information you have is not a wise. The website pages which have too much information distract the visitors, and they will leave dissatisfied.

When someone visits a website, they have a specific goal in their mid which they are seeking on your site. But if the information is not there upfront and your website is not helping them, then they will take no time in diverting back to the Google searchers and explore more sites.

In other words, websites should make the search process or information reach out process easy instead of complicating it even more.

Keeping it simple and clear is the key to a good website.


With the excess of information available on internet credibility of information has become an issue.

No matter how clear and catchy design of your website but if the information is not credible then the whole site worthless.

Let people know about you and have valid contact details. People need to understand that the website or business owners are the real people.

The content present on your site must also be trustworthy and not just random information.

Spiral Click also believe that the right website is essential for the customers to return and it can build the trust and loyalty of the customer.


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